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New toy of mine and apes

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None New toy of mine and apes

Post by Jenny on 2016-07-28, 12:27

The other day Ape called me from work and said that we have 2 new things on the way to us to test out before the staff at he's work get them.
I was like Shocked What is it he said we are going to install all staff with laptops a new cooling fan system.

I was like Laughing Don't you already have the fans on the bottom of your laptop at home and why do they need to have fans on them at work there on a big desk.

Ape then told me that most of the laptops that are used in the call centre are over heating all the time as there is not a lot of cook air in the office and the gap under laptops are next to nothing so there for a fan system would be a good move to save on over heating laptops.

Now today we got our ones in the post......

The are a little bit bigger then I thought they would be but look kind of nice "come to think of it there way better then our old ones"

Now at first I was like how the "F" do you get it set up as it has no cable from the pad to the laptop then when looking under the pad there was a little box thing with the USB cable in it Embarassed

Now I was rocking I soon had it set up then I had to find out what all the buttons did LOL

Now this thing has 4 settings on the bloody thing LOL ....Yes I'm a girl and nothing is that easy to me at times Embarassed

Now one is a power button plane to see and ones got a + on it and ones got a - on it so this I would take is the speed right ??

NOPE No  This is the Blue light setting to make the lights come on the + button turns on this cool sexy blue light under the fans that really look sexy. Woo now that Flash ..... THUMBS UP

Now the other one what the hell is this one for Razz

When pressing it at first I thought Nothing is working so i had to have a look with the laptop off to the side of the pad and then Bam there it was under the pad where the laptop sits on there is a 6 little fans whizzing around as you press the button the number on the front in red goes down and 2 at a time the fans go off so when I pressed it the first 3 times it tuned on all the fans but when I turned the power off then back on again only 2 middle fans was on so after pressing the button one more time the 2 outer fans come on and the middle ones went off.....

Good job I thought then when pressing it again all 6 fans was on Razz

Now that's cool when putting this thing on my lap it not only keeps the laptop nice and cool but my lap is super cool to

Now I ask you one thing who needs a man to tell you how this works LOL I worked it all out on my own


Now this is the item we got from Apes work to test .....

photo's of my new toy

Sorry about the sun coming in the windows but i forgot to shut the drapes lol Rolling Eyes

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None Re: New toy of mine and apes

Post by APE on 2016-07-28, 14:45

Good to see they have come babes i Hope your happy with them and the goodnews is we get to keep them after we have tested them Smile

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None Re: New toy of mine and apes

Post by APE on 2016-07-31, 01:16

Well I Can say that this new toy is a good item my laptops fan has not come on once and the bottom of the laptop is cold so I think we will make sure we order more for the work laptops THUMBS UP

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