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Helpful Icons

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None Helpful Icons

Post by JENNY on 2017-01-28, 01:33

NEW Toolbar Helpful Icon

Hello again,

 It's only me Hello with a small update to the toolbar.

Today I have been making new icons to go in the toolbar on the lift to help members with some little things

Screen Shot Inside Click to open:
Helpful Icons Its_ne10

As you can see Allan is there with the screen shot Wink

What are the icons ?

Here is a list of the Icons added right now.

Helpful Icons Rss11 - RSS Feeds,
Helpful Icons Pr10 - Print this page,
Helpful Icons Lhh10 - Our sister site (Life's Helping Hands)
Helpful Icons Fsotm10 - Site of the month,
Helpful Icons St10 - Our staff page,

More icons will be added as we come up with them and i have made the buttons.

also if you move your mouse pointer over them they will glow a little  affraid

We hope you like this little helpful tool we have made today.

Keep watching for more to be added in this topic.

Helpful Icons Cw_ff10

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None Re: Helpful Icons

Post by skouliki on 2017-01-28, 14:20

perfect thanks Cool
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None Re: Helpful Icons

Post by FanOfDorks on 2017-02-04, 21:09

THUMBS UP good stuff
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