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Forum Insecure log-in Warning on browsers

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None Forum Insecure log-in Warning on browsers

Post by Forum Bot on 2017-02-01, 19:48

  Forum Insecure log-in Warning on browsers

         Dear Members and Non members,

              It has been reported that our site is coming up with a small warning that our login system may not be safe.

We can tell you that this is down to the us not having the new HTTPS address right now we do not see the point in getting the new forum address as we have only just got the domain name.

Right now are working on setting this up for all of their hosts and it is now in beta mode.

Yes we have been gave this tool to pay for this to be added to the site but until things are working and out of beta mode we will be staying as we are.

Please Note this site is still safe and will always be safe or we would have already added this new SSL Certificate.

So if you see the following in your browser Don't worry

We will update your on the progress of this as it comes out of beta mode.

We thank you for your understanding.

P.S This topic is open for comments from members and guests if you need to know more Please post here and a staff member will be happy to reply to you when they get in.

Thank you.

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Forum Bot
Forum Bot

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None Re: Forum Insecure log-in Warning on browsers

Post by Gizmo on 2017-02-03, 20:52

Yes I see this on the site today but I know the site is ok so I just left it.
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None Re: Forum Insecure log-in Warning on browsers

Post by APE on 2017-02-03, 23:49

Yes it will show on the home page only it shoud be ok for the rest of the forum.

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