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Missing People forum

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None Missing People forum

Post by APE on 2017-05-17, 23:28

                    MISSING PEOPLE FORUM

Forum URL:

Staff list:
Forum Founder: Bob
Global Moderator : Jenny

Site description:
Missing people forum is a forum that is made to help the world find them much loved missing persons.
we are a small team of members that really want to help them find their missing family members or much loved friends.

All over the world some one will leave home for some sad reason and there is others that get lost in them self and leave home or just go missing.

Well here at Missing people forum we give up our free time to help post information of them that are missing and give some hope of finding them that are missing.

This forum is new and we still have work going on that will make the forum better and we keep a close eye on posts all around the world and update our site as much as we can.

if we have any updates on them missing we will post on them threads as soon as we have word.

If you have some one you have gone missing PLEASE PLEASE feel free to post on the site and make an appeal.

If you think you can help pass the word on to members of your family and friends and maybe sites and networks then Please make an account and get others to help us make some ones life that bit better by finding them loved ones that have gone missing.

The forum is 100% free.

Hidden forums for private and confidential Chatting for who ever needs it.

Screen shot of forum at time of going live:

                                 A  chat World  Official Promotion Post

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None Re: Missing People forum

Post by APE on 2017-05-17, 23:37

We are currently looking for the following staff members.

Promotion's staff x 5
Global Moderator's x 3
Missing people resources x 5

If you would like to be part of the team Please PM Bob or Jenny on the missing people's forum and tell them what you would like to do to help us more.

Kind regards

APE / Bob

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None Re: Missing People forum

Post by Jenny on 2017-07-10, 17:20

forum has been updated a little.

We are now 100% ad free forum and we hope to have a SSL certificate really soon
we have added some buttons to help members find links better

  • Mark all forum read.
  • Top 20 posts.
  • Top 20 posters.
  • Overall top posters.
  • Delete forum cookies.

we have also added a events button on the navbar for all the news on things sites are doing.

We have also change the look for the forum so it all fit's in with the banner.

We hope you all come and have a look and if you know of any one that is missing please make an account and lets see if we can help you find them.
If you know one of the people listed already then Please let us know.

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