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Happy Halloween

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None Happy Halloween

Post by APE on 2017-10-24, 16:52


Dear members we at chat world would like to wish you all a happy and safe Halloween.

to make our site look a little spooky we have added some banners and some little things around the forum.

the first thing is the cool spider on the top right of your screen
He will move up and down when you scroll and if you click on him he will run back to he's web.

The next thing you may have seen is the Zombie he walks around the main page as you look at the forum he will move from left to right up and down.

Now as with the spider if you click the zombie will go to where you have clicked.

Now the cool thing is you Don't have to have a boy Zombie you can change it to a girl aswell.

To do this go to the bottom left hand side you will see this button.   
When clicked it will look like this    if you click Girl it will show a girl Zombie and boy for a boy now if you click on off button it will stop the walking of your Zombie's

We hope you like this little update for Halloween.

Kind regards


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None Re: Happy Halloween

Post by skouliki on 2017-10-24, 17:54

very cool!!! happy Halloween to all 

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None Re: Happy Halloween

Post by Jenny on 2017-10-24, 21:27

Glad you like it Wink ape got it from the French support forum Razz

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