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Sad loss

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None Sad loss

Post by Forum Bot on 2020-07-14, 18:28

Dear members and non members.

I am James old member good friend of Apes.

I am here to let you all know that sadly on Sunday the 12th Apes Step father passed away this is why the forum was closed to the public for a short time Sad and and his  family have asked me to come in and let you all know.

Apes step father has been a big part of apes life and he has took it really hard, I have told him I will take over the forum until he can come back in.

If you see his account logged in a any time this is NOT him it would be me if needed to use Admin rights.

If you would like to post a message to him and his family please use this topic then it would be in one place.

All the best.

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None Re: Sad loss

Post by pedxz on 2020-07-14, 21:34

"Os meus pêsames" ( = my condolences ) and be strong

I once met an ape who could use both hands...
He was Harambedextrous.
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None Re: Sad loss

Post by GalaxySoul on 2020-07-14, 22:42

I am very sorry to hear about this great loss. My heart goes out to Ape and his family. I understand that this is a very difficult time for him and I hope that he is able to heal and from this time. I am quite sure that his step-father was a great man and I am deeply sorry to hear of his passing. He will watch over you from above, and he will always be with you through every moment of your toughest times.

Stay strong XX
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None Re: Sad loss

Post by APE on 2020-07-19, 00:44

Dear members.

Thank you all for your kind words.
Right now it's hard but we are dealing with it each day.
Wednesday the 22nd of July is going to be the day we say goodbye to him I think this will be the day I will get over it and stop crying.

Much love to you all

APE Jen and the family.

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None Re: Sad loss

Post by skouliki Today at 07:40

my condolences.. it does get better with time but it is hard ...I've been there
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