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Top 50 Best Kids' Television Shows past and right now !!

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None Top 50 Best Kids' Television Shows past and right now !!

Post by Dave on 2012-04-29, 16:38

Ok when we was all kids we had some really good and really bad shows on the tv that was was happy to site down to and watch some of them have come back as movies and some have just been put to the back of our heads.

Come on guys and girls lets have some fun and bring back some of the ones you can think of.

here is my list Wink

The smurfs, (I loved)
Fraggle rock, (i Loved)
The Muppets show, (was ok)
Sesame street, (hate)
Rainbow. (hate)
if you watched any of them lets us know lol
what one you liked and one you really could not stand.
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None Re: Top 50 Best Kids' Television Shows past and right now !!

Post by Jenny on 2012-04-29, 19:45

OMG Dave love some of them 2 lol
ones i see a lot of on tv now must be on chan 4 and thats the hoobs if anyone has not seen it it's on chan4 at 6am

one i really do hate and will not let my kids watch is the Teletubbies

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