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Technical Help rooms Rules

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information Technical Help rooms Rules

Post by APE on 2011-07-21, 13:01

Hello and welcome to our new help page.

If you have a problem with ours ite please use the help desk
this blog page is only for problem with say phones not working or can't change a setting in your phone.

PC computer will not work " Blue screen " or maybe you are new to your computer and you need to know how things work or maybe you just can't find a setting.

Right  now down to the good part

  1. If you make a post on here you will get 10 points !
  2. If a member helps the member that made the thread then they will also get 10 points + the member askin about the problem can give upto 100 points by  saying this = first best answer 10 points
     A admin will then add the points gave by the thread starter.
  3. the thread starter will have to click the Thanks button to the one that helped the most so we can tell who was the one that helped the most and give the points to.

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information Blackberry messenger notification sounds don't work HELP

Post by APE on 2011-07-21, 13:09

ok so this is how it would look like

debby wrote:Blackberry messenger notification sound Don't work how can i fix this?

First best answer 15 points

gets tech in to post the answer so i can thank him. What a Face

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information Re: Technical Help rooms Rules

Post by Jenny on 2011-07-21, 13:14

Best Answer - Chosen by Admin

To customize you Blackberry Profile rings and Alerts

From the BB main screen locate the Profiles icon
Select Profiles
Scroll to the Bottom and select Advanced...
Highlight the current (Active) profile and Select the BB Menu key
Select Edit
Go to Messenger
Messenger - Alerts
Messenger- New Messages
Set Out of Holster from "VIBRATE+TONE to TONE"(personal preference)
and In Holster "VIBRATE+TONE to TONE"(personal preference)
(personal preference)
hit the back arrow key then select SAVE :cheers:

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