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Psychic Phenomena and ESP

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Psychic Phenomena and ESP Empty Psychic Phenomena and ESP

Post by KaLaBoRaTiVe. 2012-07-04, 01:00

So i'm pretty sure this kind of stuff fits into this category. I don't know a lot about, nor believe much in, ghosts. But, I have done a bit of research into some stuff about psychic power, as well as kinesis, the indigo children, and well... you know the rest. I sorta believe in this, only because I've seen it happen several times but it still hasn't yet been confirmed that all of it is possible.
For example. if you click here you see a man demonstrating this. There are a bunch of other videos like this so what do you think? Psychic Phenomena and ESP 290086526
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Psychic Phenomena and ESP Empty Re: Psychic Phenomena and ESP

Post by Gizmo 2012-07-04, 01:27

Wow that is a good video Psychic Phenomena and ESP 3696926579 was shocked to see it go round
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