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General Maintenance

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information General Maintenance

Post by APE on 2014-10-10, 19:29

General Maintenance Information  Page


General Maintenance is always performed between 1AM - 2PM PM GMT+1, every night of the week.
Our site may be slow at that time and it is normal until complete. If you are logged on and it is too slow for you,
we suggest that you log out and log back in at another time when the maintenance has been completed.

Please be aware that our updates are important for optimal performance. And, although major ones are not
done often, we do have do them from time to time. While these updates are being performed, sometimes our members will not be able to log in until the process is complete, which rarely happens.

In the event it becomes necessary to shut down the site to complete an update,
a notice will be displayed on our home page. The information will include a date and time that the process will be completed so that members will know when they can log back in.

Thank you!

               A chat World Official Announcement
                                                         Written By Forum Administration Team


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