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stop food waste

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None stop food waste

Post by APE on 2015-11-02, 22:29

All Around the world we waste 1000's of tuns of food a day.

Not only is it us that waste food but where we buy our food to
Shops put tons of food in the bin just coz its out of shop sell by date.... This food is not out of date and i 100% safe to eat.
The food they bin can still sit in your fridge for about a week or you can freeze this food...

If the shops don't want to sell this for why not give it to a charity to feed the poor or homeless.

Tonight i watched a TV program that really show about the way we put more food in bins or just don't use it at all
Thanks to our shops/ stores.

Supermarkets pick and choose what size and shape our food is on the shelves
What don't make it on our shelves ?

Take a the good old Parsnip it must be- striate, certain size, certain shape, Not to thick not to thin.
All the Parsnip's that don't make it in our shops are put back to the ground or go to animal feed but the farmer that took all year to grow this for us to eat Don't get any money if it go's back in the ground so there for they live with a loss and times become hard.

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None Re: stop food waste

Post by APE on 2015-11-02, 22:37

What we can do to save our farmers.
Go to markets and buy your fruit and veg
If you have a farm by you go and see them ask them if you can buy from them ( spread the Word to friends and family)
Tell your supermarket's that you want to see more miss shaped food in your store
Email your local store and tell them your willing to buy food that is a little out of shape or Non graded food that would not always make the shelves.

We can all make a change on what we eat and drink and help them farmers that could end up loosing there farms all coz we don't like the shape of the food we buy.... Food is food no matter what the size or shape it is.

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