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Tattoo Fixers TV show

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None Tattoo Fixers TV show

Post by APE on 2016-01-04, 23:24

Tattoo Fixers
British reality show
Tattoo Fixers is a British reality television documentary, broadcast on E4. The show follows three tattoo artists who use their skills to improve or cover up poorly-rendered tattoos. Wikipedia
First episode date: June 23, 2015
Network: E4
Number of seasons: 2
Language: English
Genres: Documentary film, Reality television

Tattoo Fixers TV show Tattoo-Fixers-Series-1-Episode-4Tattoo Fixers TV show Tumblr_nrllucepbK1ub099ao1_500Tattoo Fixers TV show C20dc99e-ad41-46a2-a83f-500394115c13Tattoo Fixers TV show D655f122-04e7-4665-90bf-521922136f9b
Really Good Show and Wow some of the things they need to try and hide is out of this world

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