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Tools Updates

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NEW Tools Updates

Post by APE on 2016-06-23, 22:07

Tools Update

Dear Members.

Today we have been doing some updates to the main Editor tools.

We are happy to announce some updates.

New Hashtag Button.

Today we have added a new button that will help you use the Hashtag system.
Now when you add the Hashtag to a post it will show in its own little box
A little like this #hashtag_update     as you can see it gives your tag a cool box to highlight your tag .

Also in the Editor you can see a # button    this is to make it more easy to hashtag some thing just type in the box and Click insert.

When clicking on the hashtag you will now see this cool little popup

Enlarge this image

Tagging system.

The tagging system has also been updated in the Editor some little change that is made more for tech terms then members
The button has been made to fit in with the other new tools.   

Font awesome

We have made a Update on this system now there is more icons and will get a update every time there is some thing new
The button has also been changed to this >
Next we add a little cool Copyright system  that will hide the Photo ot items in a post when you hover over them

we always think of new things to make our site better.

We hope you like your new little updates.

A chat World Official Announcement

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