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Change to our profiles system.

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important Change to our profiles system.

Post by APE on 2016-06-06, 14:12

 Change to our profiles system.  

Dear Members.

                Today James made a change to our profiles.

As you know we have a news letter system installed in the forum and we found that more then half our members did not tick yes to getting news letters.

So today I asked James to change the code so all members will get the news letters again.

This setting is set to yes and the No setting is now removed from the system so your made to say yes.

Why we made this change!!:

We will now be using this news letter system to update you on problem this site is having "If we have any" also about updates and forum maintenance warnings.

You still have the right to Ask for this to be set to No but you will have to ask for the change to be made in our tools by posting here in this thread.


             If you ask us to set your news letter setting to NO then there is a limit to this being set to NO and this
             is when you change your profile setting in any way then it will reset our change in our tools to yes
             again so you will have to keep us updated.

Also we have removed the Hide settings from your profiles.

We thank you for your understanding.

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