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New Mobile Update

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NEW Update New Mobile Update

Post by APE 2016-09-26, 03:21

     Mobile phone Update     

New Mobile Update Mobile10
Dear All
Our host #Forumotion is glad to introduce the second version of its mobile theme for our forum with brand new features to improve your user experience.

New registration feature

You ask for it and now you've got it. The visitors of your forum can now directly register with a mobile device on your forum without having to change the version first.. The process is similar to the one on the deskstop version.

See the preview:
New Mobile Update Enregi10

"Facebook connect" button.

This new feature can be used to register or to connect on the forum, your members have now the choice to connect with their facebook account and don't have to type their username and password all over again.

See the preview:
New Mobile Update 09-09-10


If you were missing the notifications you had on the desktop version then it's over. With, the new mobile theme you will received notifications and you'll miss nothing.

See the preview:
New Mobile Update Notifi10

Button to see the last respond to a topic

You can from now on directly click on the last respond to a topic, simply by clicking this little arrow next to the date.

See the preview:
New Mobile Update Last_p10

Edition is now available

If you have the right permissions on the forum you can now edit your messages or the posts of other directly from the mobile version. Useful and simple ! Wink  

See the preview:
New Mobile Update Yditio10

Deletion of a post.

If you have the right permissions on the forum you can now delete your messages or the posts of other

See the preview:
New Mobile Update Suppre10

Profile page

With the new mobile theme of your forum welcomes a new page showing the profile of each user. Which is accessible by clicking on the avatar of the member, It will then give you the essential information about the member.

See the preview:
New Mobile Update Profil10

Button "Go up".

Useful, especially on very long page. The arrow is automatically displayed when a page is too long. With one click you're back at the top of the forum.

  See the preview:
New Mobile Update Back_t10

If you Find any bugs in this system Please let us know by posting here >>    Technical Support & Bug Reports

We will then make a report to get this fixed.

we have a tip for you !!  you can Now swipe to change the page Also Smile New Mobile Update Swipe

We hope you like this Update More Updates to come really soon Smile keep your Eyes pealed

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New Mobile Update On_l111
New Mobile Update Offl111

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