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American Horror Story: Freakshow *season 4*

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None American Horror Story: Freakshow *season 4*

Post by FanOfDorks 2016-10-16, 22:16

S4, Ep1
:Monsters Among Us
After Their Mother's Murder, Conjoined Twins Bette And Dot Are Hired By Struggling Freak Show Owner Elsa Mars.

S4, Ep2
:Massacres And Matinees
With A Killer On The Loose, Police Impose A Curfew On Jupiter. Elsa Hires A Strongman, Unaware Of His Dark Past With Ethel.

S4, Ep3
:Edward Mordrake: Part 1
Elsa Defies Superstition To Rehearse On Halloween, Summoning The Spirit Of Edward Mordrake And His Ghostly Band Of Freaks.

S4, Ep4
:Edward Mordrake: Part 2
Mordrake Hunts For A Freak Soul To Add To His Ghost Troupe. Jimmy And Maggie Have A Run-In With Twisty The Clown.

S4, Ep5
:Pink Cupcakes
Stanley Makes A Plan To Abduct And Kill The Tattlers. However, Elsa Has Her Own Plan For Getting Rid Of The Sisters. Meanwhile, Dandy Selects His First Victim.

S4, Ep6
Elsa Prepares For Her Television Show By Bringing Out A New Act. Meanwhile, Paul Pursues Romance And The Twins Settle In To Their New Home.

S4, Ep7
:Test Of Strength
After Dell Attacks One Of Their Own, The Women Of The Camp Plan Revenge. Stanley Tries To Blackmail One Of The Freaks, And Penny Confronts Her Father.

S4, Ep8
:Blood Bath
The Freaks Mourn The Death Of One Of Their Own, While Elsa Welcomes A New Performer. Penny And Her New Friends Get Revenge On Her Father.

S4, Ep9
:Tupperware Party Massacre
Jimmy Wallows In Self-Pity, And Dandy Sets Out To Destroy The Man Who Deprived Him Of The Twins. Meanwhile, Desiree Meets An Old Flame, And Elsa And Stanley Track The Tattlers.

S4, Ep10
A Death At The Camp Causes Elsa To Seek Out A New Home For Pepper. Meanwhile, Desiree Has Enough Of Dell's Failure As A Husband, And Stanley Lends Jimmy A Hand.

S4, Ep11
:Magical Thinking
A Traveling Salesman Named Chester Convinces Elsa To Hire Him As A Magician For The Show. The Twins Set Their Sights On The Newcomer, While Dell And Eve Help Jimmy Escape.

S4, Ep12
:Show Stoppers
The Freaks Exact Poetic Justice After Learning Of Stanley's Sins. Maggie Tries To Make Amends With Jimmy, And Dandy Tells The Tattlers Some Troubling Information About Chester.

S4, Ep13
:Curtain Call
Dandy Prepares For His Debut Performance. The Tattlers Contemplate Marriage, While In Hollywood, Elsa Discovers She's Further From Love Than Ever Before.
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