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worldpride 2012 - london.

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None worldpride 2012 - london.

Post by APE 2011-04-23, 02:25

worldpride 2012 - london. Banner_26
2011 countdown to worldpride 2012 - london.

London will be THE place to be in 2012. The Olympic Games come to
town, her Majesty celebrates her Diamond Jubilee but most importantly of
all Pride London will be hosting WorldPride 2012!
Led by Pride London with support from Visit London and the Mayor of
London, London beat tough competition to be awarded the WorldPride
parade in 2012.
Organised by InterPride, WorldPride promotes lesbian, gay, bisexual
and transgender (LGBT) issues on an international level through parades,
festivals and other cultural activities.
London's WorldPride in 2012 is expected to attract over one million
visitors. The two week festivities will most likely take place from 23
June to 8 July 2012, with the main parade held on 7 July.
Watch this space for more info and follow us on facebook
Visit London Deputy Chief Executive, Sally Chatterjee said:
is a tremendous win for the capital. London Pride is an annual
highlight of the cultural festival calendar and hosting WorldPride in
2012 is a proud triumph for our city. There really will be no other
place on earth to be in 2012 than right here in London."

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson said:
absolutely thrilled that London has won the right to host WorldPride in
2012. London has one of the largest and most diverse LGBT communities on
the planet and it is a fantastic opportunity to inspire cities across
the globe. In an Olympic year, the eyes of the world will already be on
London and the city will give an enormous welcome to LGBT people, their
friends and families, for what we want to be the most colourful and
exciting WorldPride festival yet."

Chair of Pride London, Paul Birrell said:
are delighted that London was successful in its bid for WorldPride.
This is a great achievement for London and coming in 2012, it will be a
glorious year for our city. Pride London has grown over the years to be
one of the UK's largest cultural events and this is a tremendous
achievement for the LGBT community."

See the video produced to support the successful bid here.