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over sized packging

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over sized packging  Empty over sized packging

Post by APE 2022-05-07, 12:34

Hello All not sure if this is something we have all had but I made an order for some fish tank tools to help with my planting and keeping my fish tank tidy.

So today the items i ordered come the box was so big for the size of the item in it.
over sized packging  20220510
As you can see here this box is well over the top and i have always wanted to know why this day in age people who pack this sort of thing don't stop and think about the waste of money and what problems this gives our world.

YES i recycle everything i can and i know that it will be used again at some point but why make more waste when it's not needed.

I will name and shame this time

Amazon you need to step back and work out what your doing the price of this box is about £1.50 if you used a smaller box the cost would half and the price of posting would also go down.

if you don't have boxes smaller then i think you need to look in to making them smaller and maybe a better shape.

Members if you get a item in the post and box is way to big why not tell us about it here.

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over sized packging  Empty Re: over sized packging

Post by cassini 2022-05-08, 08:25

Two years ago, my mum ordered from Boots shop some perfume as it was not in store.
Similar size box with one small bottle of perfume with no packaging inside, I complained to Boots they sent the same perfume in a tiny poly pocket envelope. Mum now has two bottles of the same perfume undamaged.
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