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Post by cassini 2022-12-22, 19:46

Hello Ape and Jenny,   Very Happy

I recently bought and took back and received my money back for a Windows 11 HP laptop between 14th November to 9th December. To cut a long story short, Curry's had my new computer longer than I had it as there was a software problem and the computer went into safety mode. Curry's admitted they could not reset the computer to factory settings as Microsoft changed their software and not notified Curry's. Therefore the manager agreed that I should have my money back and credit to him he never said anything about buying another laptop.

On Monday 19th I received a congratulations e-mail from Curry's, saying thank you for buying a latest IT product and hope I was happy with my purchase.  Laughing 

Oh well, still using my Windows 10 desk top and battered Windows 7 laptop  Wink 

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Post by APE 2022-12-28, 14:32

Sadly Windows 11 is not as good as they think there is lots of bugs and they update it all the time.

A full backup will only bring it back to how it was before the updates and then it will update again and if the old windows 11 system so it can be hard to update if the old one id outdated.

sadly it all depends on how long ago the computer was made.

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