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Personalize sub-forums display

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Theme Personalize sub-forums display

Post by APE 2023-09-18, 01:15

Personalize sub-forums display

This tutorial will allow you to customize the display of sub-forums on the index of your forum.

Personalize sub-forums display Captur29

Template modification

Administration Panel Personalize sub-forums display Arrow10 Display Personalize sub-forums display Arrow10  Templates Personalize sub-forums display Arrow10  General

Regardless of your forum version, look for the following variables in your Index_box template :

And replace them with :
<div class="s_forum">{catrow.forumrow.L_LINKS}{catrow.forumrow.LINKS}</div>

Remember to save and publish your template. :add:

Creation of JavaScript

Administration Panel Personalize sub-forums display Arrow10  Modules Personalize sub-forums display Arrow10  HTML & JAVASCRIPT Personalize sub-forums display Arrow10  JavaScript codes management
Make sure javascript code management is enabled, and create a new script.

Title : what ever you like
Placement : In the home page
Add the following Code
$(function() {  
  var sep = '/', max_by_line = 3;
  $('.s_forum').each(function() {  
    var nth = 0;  
    $('a.gensmall', this).each(function(){  
      var next = this.nextSibling;
      if (next && next.nodeType == 3 && next.nodeValue == ", ") {  
        if (++nth % max_by_line) $(next).replaceWith(sep);
        else $(next).replaceWith('<br>');

You can customize the code by editing the following variables :

Right now max_by_line is set to 3, so this is what it will look like :
Personalize sub-forums display Captur30

To modify the code look for this part of the JavaScript :
var sep = '/', max_by_line = 3;

Changing max_by_line from 3 to 2 will display the sub-links as :
Personalize sub-forums display Captur31

And changing it to 1 will display them as :
Personalize sub-forums display Untitl13

Changing the / in sep to something like > will change the separator like below.
Personalize sub-forums display Captur32

Now it's your turn Wink

A chat World Official Tutorial
This tutorial was written by SeLfde4Th7 From the French Support forum.
Translated By APE

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