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Big brother news

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New Update Big brother news

Post by Gizmo 2012-05-21, 01:11

Big Brother 2012: Check out the brand new teaser video!

Big brother news Big-brother-2012-logo-460x230
Big Brother will be back in just a few weeks time and Channel 5 are already starting to build up the hype.
we got a glimpse of a great behind the scenes video, starring Brian
Dowling and Emma Willis, who were larking about as they filmed a new ad
for the reality TV show.

Big brother news &c=nBV7L7VZKR3hF7q8T2xadnbULMRTrYC6&iii=168493572

Jamie East and Alice
Levine also feature in the clip, in which Emma reveals the stars need to
‘channel your inside panto villain.’
Brian Dowling then screams:
‘Let the fun and games…begin!’
Big Brother will return to screens in June on Channel 5.
Are you excited? Leave your comments below and check out other teasers for the new series here.
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New Update They're bathing together already! Big Brother's Arron gets to know Ashleigh as he gives her a foot m

Post by APE 2012-06-07, 19:14

He was the first male housemate to
jump in the hot tub on their first night in the house, and now it seems
Arron Lowe may have been the first guy to bathe with one of the female

The 23-year-old male model spent today in the bath with Essex resident Ashleigh and even gave her a relaxing foot massage.

The loud blonde changed into a strapless bikini and hopped into the water
to join Arron - who has modelled for popular brands such as Hollister
and Abercrombie and Fitch.
Big brother news Article-0-137ECC4E000005DC-888_634x356
Getting to know you: Ashleigh joins Arron in the bath in the Big Brother house this afternoon
Big brother news Article-0-137ECCFF000005DC-533_634x356
A romantic moment: The male model decided to give Ashleigh a foot massage while they relaxed in the bath
The brunette certainly looked
pleased to have some female company in the tub and showed his gratitude
by taking Ashleigh's foot in his hands and massaging it.
The retail sails supervisor/barmaid then returned the favour by taking Arron's foot in her hand as she laid back in the bath.
However the pampering didn't stop there as Ashleigh then decided to cleanse the model's face using yellow make-up sponges - and he just sat there and let her do it.
Big brother news Article-0-137ECCF9000005DC-230_634x381
Returning the favour: The Essex resident then began to massage Arron's feet as she laid back in the tub
Big brother news Article-0-137ECC54000005DC-54_634x356
That's a bit girly! Ashleigh decided to cleanse Arron's face using make-up sponges
Meanwhile another pair who were bonding in the house in a rather unusual way was Luke S and Lauren.
The nightclub promoter from Stoke On Trent - who was last night branded the
'wannabe alpha male' of the group - decided to use the 20-year-old
blonde as a weight.
As he showed off his skills working out in the living room, Luke then
decided to lift Lauren up and drape her across his shoulders.

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New Update Housemates gone wild!

Post by APE 2012-06-09, 18:30

Housemates gone wild! Big Brother's Ashleigh Hughes bares her bum as
porn star Benedict Garrett kisses two revellers during drunken game of
Spin the Bottle

Big Brother contestants aren’t known for being shy and
retiring so it was no surprise that things got out of hand last night.

The housemates, who face a live eviction tonight, quickly
got into the party spirit as Big Brother provided them with some alcohol and
suggested they have fun.

Ashleigh Hughes was one of the main revellers, dropping her
trousers to show off her shapely bottom during a game of spin the bottle.
Big brother news Article-2156628-13847EB7000005DC-781_634x383
Racy: Big Brother contestant Ashleigh Hughes flashes her pert posterior during a drunken game of Spin the Bottle

There were no complaints from the male contestants as she
revealed her pert posterior in a pair of tiny flesh coloured panties for all to
Ashleigh also didn’t care who was looking as she triumphantly
raised her arms above her head.

Not content with simply getting her bum out, the Essex
beauty and part time barmaid also shared a kiss with former teacher and porn
star Benedict Garrett.
Big brother news Article-0-1381CFD1000005DC-111_634x423
Big Brother's Benedict Garrett and Ashleigh share a kiss during a drunken game of Spin the Bottle

He meanwhile locked lips with ageing glamour model Victoria
Eisermann as part of a dare.

Benedict has previously opened up about his porn career, which
he uses the name Johnny Anglais for, with fellow housemate Caroline Wharram,.

Caroline first broached the subject saying: ‘It's just like
mental though, do you do videos or do you ever do live porn?’
Big brother news Article-2156628-13849D0D000005DC-333_634x369
Locking lips! Benedict also got up close and personal with housemate Victoria Eisermann

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New Update Re: Big brother news

Post by APE 2012-06-09, 18:51

Big brother news Article-0-138036A1000005DC-732_634x400
Getting into the party spirit: Housemates were given a load of booze from Big Brother and told to party
Benedict answered: ‘I've never done any ping-ponging, except
on a ping pong table.

‘I do several different types. I started doing porn with a
company online. Most of the porn I do now is for an online channel. I also have
my own website and I make money out of that.

‘I have done live webcam sex shows.’

Meanwhile Lydia
[/b] attempted to make friends with Victoria by
offering her a teasing lap dance on the sofas after the pair had a falling out
earlier in the day.

After an argument over attention-seeking and playing up for
airtime, the pair put aside their differences during the game of Spin the
Big brother news Article-0-13815D6C000005DC-341_634x404
Let's be friends: Lydia Louisa tries to put her argument with Victoria behind her by giving her a back rub
Housemates Conor McIntyre, Victoria and Lydia all face
eviction tonight after Deana Uppal personally picked them for nomination on the
first night.

The current Miss India UK was randomly selected as the first contestant to
enter the house, after Brian Dowling had promised that a twist was in store for

The 23-year-old was then informed that she would be granted immunity from the
first week of evictions, but would have to choose who would face the chop.
Big brother news Article-0-13815DB7000005DC-176_634x442
However it quickly turns into more when she begins a sexy lap dance to Victoria's amusement

Big brother news Article-0-13815DBF000005DC-238_634x360
Trying to save yourself from eviction? Lydia throws herself into the sexy lapdance for fellow housemate Victoria

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