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Big Brother 2012 spoilers: Housemate teasers!

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None Big Brother 2012 spoilers: Housemate teasers!

Post by APE on 2012-06-03, 13:55

Sixteen brand new housemates will enter Big Brother 2012 on Tuesday,
and here’s a few teasers of the people you can expect to see!

off what could be a nine-week stint inside the house, the housemates
will enter during this week’s special live launch show.
Brian Dowling will kick off the series from 9PM on Channel 5 on June 5.
Amongst the wannabes battling for a £100,000 prize are an LA gangster and Essex bouncer.
Of course, this being Big Brother, there’s also going to be plenty of eye candy.
As well as two former beauty queens, there’s a porn star and Playboy bunny set to enter the house.
They’ll all be joined by a 41-year-old cage-fighting cougar!
“There’s an amazing mix of characters this year, which will make for fantastic telly,” a source told the Daily Star Sunday
today. “As well as the two beauty queens, the Playboy bunny and the
cougar are bound to ensure there’s plenty of flirting and probably a
good dose of romance.
The bath will be big enough for six housemates at once, so ­anything could happen.”
The insider added: “There will be romance or rows within hours.”

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