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I want...A !!!!!

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None I want...A !!!!!

Post by JENNY on 2012-09-28, 22:37

Give us a list of what pet you would like and why

I would like a African grey parrot

Why ? :
i think there really good pets and can br fun to teach them how to talk.

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None Re: I want...A !!!!!

Post by Gizmo on 2013-08-31, 19:14

I have always wanted a  Orange canary I want...A !!!!! I-only-have-3-pet-canaries-21392891
Don't you think that looks so nice ?

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None Re: I want...A !!!!!

Post by Molly1 on 2018-03-15, 11:00

I would love a Dog - a rescue dog - you know, the type of dog only a mother could love.
I have had dogs as a child and an adult, and loved them all.
Now though, It would be unfair to a dog for me to have one.
I would love it..but could keep up with one Dizzy
I even know what I would call my dog ! Boy - Eric & Girl - Grace (well I can dream )  Smile
The last dog we has was called Angus - and he was like---nutter meets steroids !!
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None Re: I want...A !!!!!

Post by skouliki on 2018-03-24, 05:35

I would love a dog but i think its unfair to keep it in a building, the dogs needs garden and open space
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