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New Chat Box icons

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Bow New Chat Box icons

Post by Jenny on 2014-05-13, 01:37

New Chat Box staff icons

New premium-member Icons and Staff Icons
Now All premium-member's have a new icon next to there names they look like this
The staff members have the following icons next to there names
Admin =
Mods =

                           A chat World Official Announcement

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Bow Re: New Chat Box icons

Post by Fish Crazy on 2014-05-13, 02:05

Nice new updates sound cool  Cool will have to check it out
Fish Crazy
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Bow Re: New Chat Box icons

Post by Gizmo on 2015-01-19, 05:39

Just a little update on the chat room's
Today we have changed the icons of the staff members and the Premium Member's icons
Now the Admin's of the chat room have this icon Arrow
Mods have this icon Arrow 
and Premium Member's  have this icon Arrow 
if you Do not have an icon in the chat room but you have the rank please pm me and I will add your icon.

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