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Who made it to the fianl

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Who made it to the fianl Empty Who made it to the fianl

Post by APE 2014-05-26, 20:49

Micky Dumoulin sings Don't You Worry Chlid
20:32 - 26 May 2014
Who made it to the fianl Medium_rtETLINPNoylnMU8h7-g0PjLzv9xjkzXeQ1jCjewhAE
Essex Boy Micky demonstrate his versatility with a contemporary track.
Will his Swedish House Mafia song secure him a place in the final?

CountryVive step it up for the semi-finals
20:20 - 26 May 2014
Who made it to the fianl Medium_nm9rZpJSDELnAWKjcgRaycjbqv3D0698dQLdPE3xn10
Hats off to CountryVive and their 21st century country dance routine.
Are the troupe in line for a place in the final?

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