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My lovely noisy neighbour

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None My lovely noisy neighbour

Post by FanOfDorks on 2014-12-03, 18:38

The middle daughter from upstairs went to audition for BGT the other week but didnt get through.

If she did me & mum wereplanning to go to the press & let BGT know what they are like 

11,14,16 year old running about jumping off furniture.
getting the dog to bark at 12am on school nights.
the mother having very loud sex with tom dick or harry most nights 
and thats just half of it.

She has been told to try out again next year I might just contact ITV & name & shame 

since the housing arent helping us why not help ourselves lol
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None Re: My lovely noisy neighbour

Post by Gizmo on 2015-03-05, 18:14

Hmm i was not next door so the sex part was not nothing to do with me lmao Embarassed
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