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Hashtags # on your Posts

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NEW Hashtags # on your Posts

Post by APE on 2014-12-08, 18:47

Hashtags # on your Posts

- Posts
Tag a keyword and find all topics with the same keyword tagged:

When you click on #connection keyword, you'll find all topics on which the keyword has been tagged:

- Your profile

Right now you have a new button available on your profile:

You can create your personal list of tags:

You will receive a notification for every new message in which the keyword has been tagged. Example: #christmas

- Search

You can also find a keyword via the search button:

  Limitations of the system

- It is not retroactive: all keywords tagged before the launch won't work. You have to edit the post.
- Max 255 characters after #

                     A chat World Official Announcement

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NEW Re: Hashtags # on your Posts

Post by FanOfDorks on 2014-12-08, 20:19

Good job.  *just realised I sound like chuffing Hancock lol.
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NEW Re: Hashtags # on your Posts

Post by Gizmo on 2014-12-09, 01:27

Good job FM for getting this done for us What a Cool #Christmas  Gift
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