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Yellow/Hello Empty Yellow/Hello

Post by Ramdaman 2014-12-14, 15:35

Hello everyone, Ramdaman here.

A little bit about myself. I'm a Junior in Highschool, 17 years old, I speak/write/read Albanian and English fluently, and I speak a little Macedonian, but I can read/write in it fluently.

So ummmm yea! I've seen this forum from APE on the ESF (English Support Forum) and decided to hop on.
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Yellow/Hello Empty Re: Yellow/Hello

Post by Fish Crazy 2014-12-14, 16:27

Hi Ramdaman  Hello
Welcome to the site we hope you will like it here on Chat World we have nice people on here happy to reply to your posts. If you need help with the forum setup or how to let me or the staff know we will be happy to help you with your questions.  :WeLcOmE:
Fish Crazy
Fish Crazy
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Yellow/Hello Empty Re: Yellow/Hello

Post by APE 2014-12-14, 17:33

Welcome @RamdamanEmbarassed really glad yo see you mate Wink

Not as if you need any help but if there is anything you want give me or the staff a shout.

as a welcome we have gave you 100 credits to spend in out credits store Wink

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Yellow/Hello Empty Re: Yellow/Hello

Post by Gizmo 2014-12-16, 21:48

Welcome to chat world,

Please feel free to pm me if you need anything
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